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It's All Too Much



Being overwhelmed can feel like being over-stimulated. We feel buried by multiple emotions, and conflicting emotions, all at once. Sometimes it’s bearable. Quite often, it’s all too much.

Can we capture and share that particular moment when we are overwhelmed? Can we gain power over the moment if we describe it, encapsulate it, shrink it and divide it into manageable parts? Do we feel closure if and when this happens? Do we learn from it? Do we learn how to cope with it? To avoid it? And how does it help to know how others survive the overwhelm too?

In a limited-series audio project, interdisciplinary artist Meredith Starr and author Sarah Kain Gutowski ask thinkers, makers, and doers from various backgrounds to encapsulate a moment where they felt completely and wholly overwhelmed, and then explore it through conversation with an eye toward gaining (and sharing) insight. Part anthropological, part sociological, part psychological, part literary, and part performance, It's All Too Much is a record of of life in this new century.

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