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We're working on it

We've just begun accepting some submissions and making appointments to record episodes of The Overwhelm: It's All Too Much. It's a complex task, coordinating the schedules of multiple people who are all ... overwhelmed (*cough*) ... by the beginning of new academic/school years, end-of-summer responsibilities, and all the crises, big and small, that life can bring.

However, we have a plan! Which is something! And that plan is to record and edit the audio project during the autumn months of 2023, with a projected release date of early 2024 (think late January or early February). Additionally, we're looking for a wide variety of these kinds of stories—and accepting submissions on a rolling basis. So please send us your story if you're interested! You don't have to be an artist or a writer to be featured—we want all kinds of stories from all kinds of folks.

We'll be posting updates about our progress to social media (mostly our Instagram account at @itsalltoomuchpodcast) and also on this blog. Check back periodically, or sign up to receive emails with new posts!

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